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Establishing a wildflower meadow area in your garden can be a great way of attracting a diverse range of wildlife. A wildflower area is beautiful to look at and you don't necessarily need loads of space. 

Encouraging a slice of the wild in your garden can be a satisfying way of attracting a wide diversity of birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

Wildflower Mixtures Maintenance & Care

Mixture selection is very important and it is essential to ensure that the correct mixture is selected to reflect the soil type and drainage characteristics of each site.

Site Preparation

Remove docks and thistles, nettles and weed grasses, and treat the site with weed killer (following the manufacturer’s instructions), prior to seedbed cultivation.


  1. Cultivate site and allow to remain fallow if practical

  2. Treat with weed killer if necessary.

  3. Cultivate to 10cm

  4. Sowing can take place throughout most of the year, providing a good tilth can be prepared, however, the months of March/April and August/September are generally most suitable.

  5. Mix seed – regularly mix to ensure even species distribution

  6. Drill/broadcast – calibrate sowing device

  7. Rate – 5gms/m mixtures with grass

  8. Raking/harrowing – mix seed into soil (depth approx. 0.5cm)

  9. Rolling – roll area to ensure seed to soil contact



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