Natural Meadow and Laminitics Mix

SeedMart’s Natural Meadow and Laminitics Mix with herbs is designed to reduce the risk of laminitis, as it provides essential vitamins and minerals for the animals without bulk.


SeedMart's grasses have been bred by leading international seed companies from around the world, ensuring highest purity and genetic quality.


SeedMart’s Natural Meadow and Laminitics Mix contains the following seeds:

5.0  Kg Early Timothy

2.5  Kg Meadow Fescue

1.5  Kg Smooth Stalked Meadowgrass

3.0  Kg Strong Creeping Red Fescue

1.0  Kg Chewings Fescue

0.5  Kg Mixed Herbs


Sowing rate for SeedMart's Natural Meadow and Laminitics Mix: 13.5 kg per acre


Maintenance suggestions



Overseeding is the most successful and economical way to improve horse paddocks that have open swards and damaged areas. Overseeding can be done either by manual broadcasting or with the help of a spreader.



The reseeding of a paddock is only required if the damage is severe. The risk of reseeding and the loss of use of the paddock would only be recommended in extreme situations.



For grazing land, it is advised to harrow before overseeding. Chain harrowing opens the sward and removes dead grass for the introduction of your seed. It is important to give the new seedlings every chance to compete with the established grasses, so nitrogen applications should be delayed or reduced as this stimulates growth in existing grass.



A well balanced fertiliser program is recommended to maximise any grazing situation. SeedMart advises is customers to seek professional advice when selecting the correct fertilisers and program for their individual situations.

Natural Meadow and Laminitics Mix

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