Hedgerow and Shade

SeedMart’s range of flower mixtures includes supportive low maintenance grasses, to assist in ground cover and create a more natural look. Our flower and grass seeds are sourced from reputable producers and are of the highest quality.


SeedMart proudly advertises the Perfect for Pollinator logo on its range of flower seeds, as it represents plants which grow in gardens that provide valuable resources for pollinators.


SeedMart's Hedgerow and Shade mixture is designed for areas of low light or dapple shade. The contents of this mixture have been selected for their reduced light requirment, so are perfect for adding colour into shady spots. The mixture includes the following seeds:


80% Low maintenance grasses

Includes, but not limited to: Wavy Hairgrass, Common Bent, Strong Creeping Red Fescue, Sheeps Fescue, Yellow Oatgrass, Slender Creeping Red Fescue.


20% Flora blend

Hedge Woundwort, Meadow Buttercup, Hairy St. Johns Wort, Oxeye Daisy, Hedge Bedstraw, Field Scabious, Red Campion, Self Heal, Meadow Sweet, Wood Avens, Yarrow, Foxglove, Wood Sage, White Campion, Knapweed, Hedge Garlic, Great Mullein, Nettle Leaved Bellflower.


Sowing of SeedMart’s wildflower mixtures should take place throughout the months of March to September. Mix our seed prior to use to ensure even species distribution and sow at 10g/m². Rake SeedMart’s wildflower mixture into soil at a depth of approx 1cm.


1kg of Hedgerow and Shade mix approximately covers 100m²

Hedgerow and Shade

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