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SeedMart’s guide to managing your equine pastures.

There are many different uses for equine pastures. They can be used as a food source for your animals, an exercise area and a secure and safe environment for horses to interact with one another. This is why managing your pasture is of vital importance to your horse’s health and well-being. Horses are naturally selective grazers. They will usually refuse to graze land which they find unpalatable and instead overgraze in a more nutritious area. This will cause the area to become poached and invaded by unwanted weeds.


SeedMart suggests the following practices to improve equine pastures throughout the year.


Remove any weeds and poisonous plants.

Harrow to remove any dead vegetation, weeds and to help aerate the soil.

Reseed any bare patches by using SeedMarts Horse and Pony seed mixtures.

Roll the pasture to repair any damage that has been inflicted by the winter weather.

Apply fertiliser to encourage growth. (Seek professional advice for correct fertiliser applications)


Continue to remove weeds and any poisonous plants.

Top the pasture to encourage continuous growth.

Cut a bale wanted hay.


Look out for any fallen acorns and sycamore seeds, these can be deadly to horses.

Top the pasture to encourage growth. 


Where possible, rotate pastures to help prevent winter damage.

Pick up any droppings to help encourage grazing the whole pasture and to reduce any unwanted parasites.

When winter has finally come to an end have a qualified agronomist to test the soil to help identify any nutrient deficiencies. Have them advise you about additional soil nutrients and best fertiliser options for your situation.



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