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SeedMart stocks a broad and full range of lawn seeds suited to most Home Lawn situations. Our grass seeds are of the highest quality, sourced from the best producers worldwide.


After initial seeding, care is essential for the preservation of the lawn. This is the only way to guarantee a successful, dense, quality lawn that will appear healthy and uniform for years to come. Mowing, fertilising, aeration and watering are all to be considered part of the maintenance regime. It is also important to consider weed control and the treatment of disease.


Mowing is not only the most time consuming but is also the most important part of your lawn maintenance. Remember, when cutting, you should not take away more than 30% of the growth of the plant.


The lawn will regenerate constantly and, when a lawn is cut regularly, nutrients on the surface are lost. Therefore the right fertilisation is important for the formation of a strong green sward. The lawn not only needs nitrogen, but also a well balanced combination of phosphate, potash, magnesium and trace elements. SeedMart’s general purpose fertiliser is selected for its complete nutrient delivery. Apply at125 grams per square meter at seeding and then again about three to four weeks later when grass is establishing.


Always ensure your lawn has enough moisture. New lawns or reseeds should be watered every couple of days or so. Older lawns should only be watered once a week, depending on conditions. It is best to water early in the morning or late evening.



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